Virée à 4 ULM à l'ile d'Yeu !

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Marais vendéen
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Yeu 008.JPG
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Avec Kévis
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Tarversée avec Bernardo
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Yeu 022.JPG
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Yeu 024.JPG
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Yeu 028.JPG
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L'ile d'Yeu
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Yeu 036.JPG
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Yeu 038.JPG
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Yeu 041.JPG
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Yeu 043.JPG
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Yeu 050.JPG
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Yeu 053.JPG
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Yeu 057.JPG
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Yeu 062.JPG
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Yeu 065.JPG
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Yeu 067.JPG
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Yeu 069.JPG
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Yeu 073.JPG
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Yeu 074.JPG
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Yeu 076.JPG
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Yeu 078.JPG
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Yeu 079.JPG
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Yeu 082.JPG
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Yeu 083.JPG
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Marche vers la plage
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Yeu 088.JPG
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Yeu 089.JPG
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Yeu 106.JPG
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Yeu 117.JPG
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Yeu 118.JPG
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Yeu 124.JPG
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Yeu 127.JPG
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Yeu 138.JPG
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Avec Shérane
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Yeu 146.JPG
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Yeu 148.JPG
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Yeu 154.JPG
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Retour, mer passée très haut !
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Yeu 163.JPG
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Yeu 168.JPG
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Yeu 172.JPG
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Yeu 177.JPG
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Yeu 181.JPG
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Yeu 183.JPG
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Yeu 189.JPG
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Yeu 190.JPG
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Yeu 194.JPG
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On recharge sec


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