RaidAventure 2008 jour 1 : Melun-Beaune

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Superbe base d'Orgenoy
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Raidair-001 130.JPG
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Raidair-001 133.JPG
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Raidair-001 136.JPG
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Raidair-001 153.JPG
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Tony, Marc Antoine derrière, bien entourés
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Mélanie et David
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Florence et Michel
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Raidair-001 189.JPG
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Avec Kévis
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Raidair-001 200.JPG
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Raidair-001 222.JPG
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Raidair-001 225.JPG
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Raidair-001 226.JPG
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Raidair-001 241.JPG
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Raidair-001 243.JPG
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Arrivés à Beaune
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Raidair-001 250.JPG


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